Website-Watcher History



Version 2022 (22.2)   –   11-Jul-2022

  • [x] Huge performance improvement when highlighting changes (opening changed bookmarks can be up to 3 times faster)
  • [x] Huge performance improvement when inserting or initializing new bookmarks in big databases
  • [+] Context menu + Extras + Disable check: Option to save settings as default
  • [x] Improved detection and handling of Cloudflare protected pages
  • [x] Follow-Links: detection of duplicate links improved
  • [x] Browser integration: WSW did not show the WSW icon in the title bar right after starting Firefox (caused by a bug in the latest version of Firefox). WSW has now a work around for this broken behavior.
  • [x] Record Chromium Macro: WebSite-Watcher will use the customized User Agent (if configured in the bookmark properties)
  • [x] Checking Instagram pages re-implemented. Meta changed their pages internally so that it was no longer possible to monitor Instagram pages after existing cookies with login credentials expire. With this new version, you have to right click an Instagram bookmark once, select “Browser” and login to your account. Then all Instagram bookmark should work again.
  • [+] New tweak: UptimeControlFile= – this tweak will write a control file once a minute and can be used to verify if WSW is up and running (Business Edition only)
  • [-] E-Mails were not sent correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] It was not possible to assign the shortcut Ctrl+D in Options+Shortcuts
  • [-] More detailed error description for regular expressions with syntax errors
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher could freeze under certain circumstanes in combination with the check technology “Chromium/Browser”
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher did not correctly remember the last position when rebooting Windows
  • [x] Overall performance improvements
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2022 (22.1)   –   31-Mar-2022

  • [+] Update on keywords: keywords can be combined with a logical AND by placing a ” + ” (space-plus-space) between keywords. Whole words are supported by placing the keywords into quotes.
    keyword1 + keyword2
    “keyword1” + “keyword2” + “keyword3”
    “website” + “watcher”
  • [+] Cloudflare protected pages supported. WebSite-Watcher detects and handles this protection automatically, a separate configuration is no longer requied.
  • [+] Extended Search: New option to search for whole words
  • [+] Chromium Check Macros: New command “reload” to reload the currently opened page.
  • [+] Plugins: New built-in function that makes it easier to search for keywords:
    KeywordExists(sSearch, sKeyword, bWholeWord)
  • [-] Follow-Links: Placing multiple master bookmarks into a single folder could produce duplicate bookmarks under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2022 (22.0)   –   27-Jan-2022

  • [+] Windows 11 officially supported
  • [+] Max simultaneous checks with the check technology “Chromium/Browser” increased from 3 to 10 which offers much better performance when checking many bookmarks with this technology (in previous versions, simultaneous Chromium/Browser checks were limited to 3)
  • [+] Internal browser: New tab “Changes”. This tab only shows the highlighted changes.
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Advanced + Open bookmark: Option to open the bookmark in the “Changes” tab
  • [+] Bookmark action / Send e-mail: New option to only send highlighted changes
  • [+] Bookmark action / Send e-mail: New option to attach screenshot with highlighted changes
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Actions + Send e-mail: New feature “Preview message”
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Actions + Send e-mail: New feature “Send test e-mail”
  • [+] Custom columns: Number of custom columns increased from 5 to 10
  • [+] Bookmark list: new column “Method” that shows the used check technology (values: C=Chromium, S=Screenshot, IE=Internet Explorer, C-Macro, IE-Macro)
  • [+] Bookmark list: new column “AutoWatch” (shows if AutoWatch is enabled)
  • [x] Improved memory usage when using the check technology “Chromium/Browser”
  • [+] “Find Bookmarks” and “Find folder” are now two different functions and different shortcuts can be defined (in previous versions it was dependent if the folder tree or the bookmark list was focused)
  • [+] Browser integration: Add bookmarks from browser Brave
  • [+] Virtual folders: New options for the SendMail action: “Send simple version”, “Send only changes” and “Attach screenshot”
  • [+] Advanced setup options, eg. to pre-define options or to automatically insert the license key when installing WebSite-Watcher (Business Edition only).
  • [+] New program tweak: PauseCheckIfWindowExists – Pauses AutoWatch or a running bookmark check if one of the defined windows is in foreground. You can, for example, use this feature when working with a certain program or playing a game and you don’t want to check bookmarks in that time.
  • [x] Integrated AD-Blocker improved
  • [x] Improved handling of responsive images
  • [x] Check technology “Standard” renamed to “Internal”
  • [x] Send e-mails: option to send text mails removed. E-mails are now always sent in HTML format.
  • [-] Jump to the first/next change did not work correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] Changes side bar was not displayed after maximizing the internal browser
  • [x] Various optimizations for Windows 11
  • [x] Check technology “Chromium/Browser”: Improved detection if a file is a PDF document
  • [-] Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.5)   –   27-Sep-2021

  • [x] Processing RSS/Atom feeds: Performance improvements
  • [x] Processing large sitemap files: Huge performance improvements
  • [x] More formats of sitemap files supported
  • [x] Update on keywords: Searching for whole words improved
  • [x] Improvements when restoring the previous version of a page
  • [x] Creating Watch filters: smaller improvements
  • [-] Starting WebSite-Watcher could take a very long time under certain circumstances
  • [x] Check technology Chromium/Browser improved
  • [x] Chromium Check Macros improved: More steps can be recorded
  • [x] Highlighting changes in large pages improved (will also abort with a timeout if processing takes far too long)
  • [x] Bookmark checks with Chromium/Browser: Improved detection and handling of certificate errors
  • [x] Improved high dpi support
  • [-] Fixed a possible crash when quickly opening/closing browser tabs
  • [-] Smaller fixes and improvements

Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 2021 (21.4)
   –   01-Jul-2021

  • [+] FTPS protocol supported (addresses must start with ftps://)
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Ignore updates + Min number of characters: Function to show characters of current page
  • [x] Facebook RSS feeds: Some emojis were displayed in huge size, these emojis are now reduced to a small size
  • [x] Improved decoding of certain encoded characters
  • [+] Record check macro: New button “Browser”. Useful to accept cookie consent banners before you start recording a check macro.
  • [x] Check for new version: Automatically installing new updates has been re-implemented and works similar to previous versions of WebSite-Watcher.
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.3)
   –   19-May-2021

  • [+] Filter Assistant: More and improved logic when creating new watch filters. This will help to avoid creating watch filters that may not work correctly.
  • [+] Search for folder: If the folder tree is focused, then Ctrl+F will search for matching folders
  • [+] Folder “Search Results” in main window can be cleared with: Right click + “Clear Search Results”
  • [+] Custom columns: the property “Cosmetic filter” can be displayed
  • [-] Sending e-mails: a wrong error message could be displayed under certain and rare circumstances
  • [x] Improved background processing when sending e-mails
  • [x] CloudSync: downloaded images are synchronized (images were excluded in previous versions)
  • [x] Improved handling of downloaded images (images could not be displayed on certain pages)
  • [x] Improved performance when opening bookmark properties of large pages
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.2)   –   14-Apr-2021

  • [+] Bookmark properties / Actions: New action Pushover. It’s possible to send a Pushover when an update has been detected.
  • [+] Options + Browser: Ad-Blocker Whitelist. Use this option if a server detects an ad blocker and does not display the page.
  • [-] Bookmark properties + Check-by-Screenshot: Selecting an area did not work correctly under certain circumstances
  • [x] Check technology Chromium/Browser improved
  • [x] Chromium Check Macros improved: More steps can be recorded
  • [x] Improved detection of untypical date formats in RSS/Atom feeds
  • [x] Improved synchronization with WebSite-Watcher App
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.1)   –   16-Mar-2021

  • [x] Check-by-Screenshot: improved support for high DPI resolutions
  • [x] Check-by-Screenshot: If the option to open bookmarks in external browser is enabled, then WebSite-Watcher uses the Internet Browser instead of the associated program
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Advanced + Open bookmark: External browser can optionally open the tiled version, the Text version or the Analysis version
  • [x] Send e-mails: Improved CSS support
  • [x] Improved handling of external CSS files
  • [x] Improved behavior after returning from hibernation when AutoWatch is activated
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.0)   –   17-Feb-2021

  • [+] Cosmetic filters: This is an extremely powerful new feature to completely remove unwanted content from a page. Cosmetic filters are applied before the page is processed by WebSite-Watcher. Result is or can be a (much) smaller page with only the content you want to monitor. This feature can also be used to remove cookie banners, floating windows etc.
    See Video-Tutorials
  • [+] Check technology “Default” uses now an internal Cookie database (instead of IE Cookies)
  • [+] Check technology “Screenshot” is now based on Chromium (instead of Internet Explorer)
  • [+] Check technology “Screenshot” can now be executed in Incognito mode
  • [+] CSS filters: additional rules
    css(name) … default behavior, matches all elements with id=”name” or class=”name”
    css(#name) … matches all elements with id=”name”
    css(.name) … matches all elements with class=”name”
    css(.name*) … matches all elements with class attribute containing “name” (will match class=”name name2″)
  • [+] Right click bookmark + Extras + Re-Initialize page: This can be useful when changes to the bookmark properties will not take effect until the next update is detected. This feature allows you to test changes to the bookmark properties immediately.
  • [x] Chromium Macros improved: More steps can be recorded
  • [+] Dropbox API: Support for short-lived tokens. It’s required that you re-connect to Dropbox.
  • [-] Connecting WSW with Dropbox could cause a false message that the Dropbox folder is not found
  • [-] WebSite-Watcher could cause a crash when closed via Windows Shutdown
  • [x] Improved behavior when closing WebSite-Watcher via Windows-Shutdown
  • [x] Special filter “Watch all changes in image addresses”: WebSite-Watcher will insert all these image addresses to the end of the page, so you can see in your browser which addresses are changed.
  • [x] Special filter “Watch all changes in link addresses”: WebSite-Watcher will insert all these link addresses to the end of the page, so you can see in your browser which addresses are changed.
  • [+] Bookmark action “Local Website Archive”: Save entered notes
  • [+] Script command “BackupToZip”: New parameter /NoCacheFiles. The created backup file will be much smaller and only contain the bookmark database with all required files and configurations.
  • [+] Shortcuts can be defined for Browser+Back and Browser+Forward
  • [+] Shortcuts window: Search feature
  • [+] New program tweak: BrowserAcceptLanguage=
    Lets you configure the “accept-language” HTTP header. This tweak will be used for the internal browser and for bookmark checks that are based on Chromium (Chromium/Browser, Chromium-Macros and Check-by-screenshot). For more information about this header search the web for “HTTP Accept-Language”.
    Default value is: en-US,en
    Example: BrowserAcceptLanguage=de-DE,de,en-US,en
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2020 (20.6)   –   18-Nov-2020

  • [+] Program configuration / Browser: New option “Tab #1: Open links in new tabs”
  • [x] Tabbed browsing: Shift+Click, Ctrl+Click and Ctrl+Shift+Click work similar to other Internet Browsers
  • [+] Program configuration + Browser: Default zoom value
  • [+] Browser context menu: New menu item “Zoom”
  • [+] Shortcut: Browser / Zoom-In can be configured (Options + Shortcuts)
  • [+] Shortcut: Browser / Zoom-Out can be configured (Options + Shortcuts)
  • [+] Shortcut: Browser / Zoom-Reset can be configured (Options + Shortcuts)
  • [-] The tabbed browsing option “Show tab when only one page is opened” did not work correctly
  • [x] Button “Open bookmark” (main toolbar) was unavailable in the previous version
  • [x] Improved support for text inside SVG tags
  • [x] Send opened page by mail was not available in v20.5
  • [+] Send opened page by e-mail: PDF format added
  • [-] Changes side bar was not painted correctly under rare circumstances
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2020 (20.5)   –   12-Oct-2020

  • [+] WebSite-Watcher uses the Chromium browser engine to display bookmarks. Internet Explorer is no longer used to display web pages inside WebSite-Watcher.
  • [x] Tons of GUI updates and internal changes to provide compatibility to the new Chromium component
  • [+] The 32bit edition supports the Chromium/Browser check technology
  • [+] Check technology “Chromium/Browser”: Optional Incognito mode to monitor a page without using Cookies
  • [+] Check technology “Chromium/Browser”: Alternative method to get page content (via Print/PDF functionality). Can be used for pages for which Chromium doesn’t offer useful page source code. This option prints the page to a PDF file which is then converted automatically into HTML format for further processing.
  • [+] Support of webp images
  • [x] Chromium Macros improved: More steps can be recorded
  • [+] Facebook RSS feeds: The function “Convert page to RSS” is compatible with Twitter pages (previous versions of WSW no longer worked because Twitter depreciated their legacy layout)
  • [+] Facebook RSS feeds: The function “Convert page to RSS” is compatible with the new Facebook layout
  • [+] Facebook groups: jobs pages can be checked via RSS feeds
  • [x] Performance improvements when checking Facebook pages
  • [x] Bookmark action “Export”: Create export folder automatically if not available
  • [+] YouTube Atom feeds show the media content in the articles
  • [-] Login to Google accounts no longer worked in previous versions
  • [x] Check technology Chromium/Browser: If a page shows a Javascript alert, it was not possible to monitor the page. Javascript alerts are now suppressed to work around this problem.
  • [x] If the CloudSync feature is started via script while WebSite-Watcher is minimized or in the Windows notification area, then the progress window will no longer be displayed in front of other windows
  • [+] Macro Recording: Button to add the command “Scroll page down”
  • [+] Macro Recording: Button to add the command “Wait 5 seconds”
  • [+] Macro Recording: Display warning when stopping macro recording if you have clicked “Check this box before performing a LOGOUT” without logging out of your account.
  • [+] New bookmark action “Script” which will allows us to add certain commands in future releases
  • [+] Bookmark action – Script command “CheckFolder”: This allows you to only check a certain bookmark folder when a boookmark is updated.
  • [+] Browser integration: Ctrl+Click onto the WSW-Eye button shows the bookmarks in the popup menu
  • [x] Improved support of Brotli-compressed web pages
  • [x] Twitter feeds: Number of simultaneous checks is now limited to a single connection. This should help to reduce the “RSS feed has no articles” message.
  • [+] New optional browser toolbar button: Open archived pages (LWA)
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More type of logins can be recorded
  • [x] WebSite-Watcher regularly clears the Chromium cache for bookmark checks that use the check technology “Chromium Browser” or Chromium Macros. This ensures that Chromium will not use cached files when bookmarks are checked.
  • [x] Improved detection of corrupted bookmark databases
  • [+] Backup/Restore: WebSite-Watcher automatically tests the backup files to ensure that the created zip files are not corrupted
  • [+] Backup/Restore feature improved
  • [-] Content of RSS feeds was not extracted under certain circumstances
  • [-] Check for new version: Notification could block some operations under certain circumstances
  • [+] External browser tabs removed as they are no longer required to open pages with the Chromium browser engine
  • [x] Send updates to WebSite-Watcher app: Optimizations to avoid exceeding cache file size limits
  • [x] Many smaller changes and tweaks
  • Minimum operating system is now Windows 7 (previous versions of Windows are no longer supported)

Version 2020 (20.3)   –   26-Mar-2020

  • [-] Fixes some problems that were caused by Windows update KB4535996

Version 2020 (20.2)   –   23-Mar-2020

  • [x] Improved Facebook RSS feed conversion: More date formats supported
  • [x] WSW button works with the latest version of MS Edge
  • [x] Smaller improvements related to Chromium/Browser checks
  • [-] A Chromium helper window could falsely be displayed on certain systems
  • Smaller fixes

Version 2020 (20.1)   –   12-Feb-2020

  • [x] Chromium check technology improved
  • [x] The WebSite-Watcher Eye button is displayed larger on high DPI resolutions
  • [x] Improved compatibility when checking Twitter pages via RSS (could be broken in prev version)
  • [-] Monitoring PDF files with the check technology Chromium/Browser did not work correctly
  • [-] Pre-define bookmark properties: It was not possible to pre-define a delay or a scroll-down value when the Chromium technology was selected
  • [-] It was not possible to use Chromium related features when working with multiples instances of WebSite-Watcher
  • [-] Improvements using the Download Manager when working with multiples instances of WebSite-Watcher
  • [-] External browser tabs could crash under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2020 (20.0)   –   05-Feb-2020

  • [+] WebSite-Watcher is now identified as Chrome browser (instead of Internet Explorer). This will help to solve outdated browser messages with various pages.
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher supports web pages which are compressed via the Brotli algorithm
  • [+] Checking bookmarks with the technology Chromium/Browser runs much smoother and faster now
  • [+] Chromium Check-Macros
  • [+] Check technology Chromium/Browser automatically blocks ad and tracking scripts, so pages will load faster
  • [x] External browser tabs: many internal improvements
  • [+] External browser tabs block ad and tracking scripts
  • [x] Check-Macros: new user interface and many improvements
  • [x] Checking method Chromium/Browser: supports a wider range of pages, especially pages with iframes (it was not always possible to get the html source from iframes)
  • [x] Checking method Chromium/Browser: Command to scroll page down improved
  • [x] Smaller improvements when checking PDF files with the technology “Chromium / Browser”
  • [+] App: New way to add URLs from WebSite-Watcher for Windows to the WebSite-Watcher app (this replaces the old Phone Bookmarks feature)
  • [+] App: WebSite-Watcher will communicate with Dropbox directly, the external Dropbox client is no longer required.
  • [x] Starting with version 2020, the bookmark property “Ignore updates” no longer causes an error alert after x errors in a row. To get alerts like this, you can use the program tweak “HandleIgnoreUpdateAsError=1”
  • [x] The check technology Chromium/Browser can use alternative user agents
  • [+] Browser integration: new (chromium based) Microsoft Edge supported
  • [x] The option to convert a page into simple HTML format supports embedded images
  • [x] Improved Facebook RSS feed conversion: More date formats supported
  • [-] Pages that were checked with the check technology “Internet Explorer/Browser” or an Internet Explorer Macro could hang and produce a timeout under certain circumstances
  • [-] Scripts: using the result of GetSelectedFolder in compare operations did not work correctly
  • [-] RSS/Atom feeds could falsely show an IFRAME hint
  • Many smaller improvements

Version 2019 (19.6)   –   08-Oct-2019

  • [x] Update on keyword feature improved for RSS feeds
  • [-] Update on keyword did not work correctly for Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • [x] Add to phone bookmarks: Improved detection if a bookmark file is too outdated
  • [x] Follow-Links: better handling of several edge cases, including when the URL of child bookmarks contains date variables
  • [-] PDF documents could not be detected correctly when the server added an additional header to the documents
  • [x] Drag&Drop folders: Pre-defined bookmark properties are applied when folder inheritance is enabled
  • [-] Certain bookmarks were not displayed correctly
  • Smaller fixes and optimizations

Version 2019 (19.5)   –   24-Jul-2019

  • [+] External browser configuration (via browser toolbar): New parameters {new} and {old}. This makes it possible and easy to open external comparision tools to highlight changes
  • [x] Follow Links: Detecting duplicates in child bookmarks improved
  • [-] Sending PDF files by e-mail did not show images when the option “Use absolute image addresses” was turned on
  • [-] Clicking into the URL field of the internal browser selects the whole URL (was broken in v19.4)
  • Smaller stability improvements

Version 2019 (19.4)   –   12-Jun-2019

  • [+] External Browser Tabs: displays same toolbar buttons as the first browser tab, this makes it more comfortable to work with.
  • [x] Performance improvements when opening multiple Chromium tabs
  • [x] Performance improvements when checking bookmarks with the check technology “Chromium / Browser” simultaneously
  • [+] External browser tabs use the statusbar of the main window instead of an own statusbar
  • [-] Send e-mails: If a page is monitored with the screenshot method and the option “Use absolute image URLs in HTML mails” was turned on, then images were not sent
  • [x] Browser integration improved
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [+] The two alternative PDF plugins “pdftotext” support Unicode characters and conversions
  • [x] Checking Facebook pages improved (compatible with latest Facebook changes)
  • [-] Internet Explorer browser integration was broken in v19.3
  • Smaller fixes and optimizations

Version 2019 (19.3)   –   30-Apr-2019

  • [+] Ransomware Detection: If WebSite-Watcher detects Ransomware on your PC, it will stop running WSW tasks, lock and protect as many important WSW files as possible, and you will get notified via user interface, by e-mail or via Pushover. This feature is disabled by default and can be turned on in the program configuration (Advanced + Ransomware Detection).
  • [+] Send status messages via Pushover, for example when e-mails could not be sent. If you use WebSite-Watcher 24/7 on a server and if you’re a Pushover user, then this is a very quick way to get notified on your phone when a problem occurs.
  • [+] Browser integration via WSW eye button: WebSite-Watcher can grab URLs from all main browsers without installing an extra browser extension (if you have used the browser extension previously, you can remove it from your Internet Browser). This new method works with Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera, IE and Edge.
  • [+] Send e-mail: New option “Use absolute image URLs in HTML mails” (program configuration). If this option is enabled, WebSite-Watcher will use absolute URLs for images in HTML mails, independently if you download images to your hard disk when checking bookmarks. This option is enabled by default and can dramatically reduce the size of HTML mails. Also Facebook/Twitter/Instagram bookmarks will benefit from that option.
  • [+] Send e-mail: New subject variable {counter}. This counter increments by 1 with every e-mail sent. In your mailbox you can then see at a glance if a message did not come through because of a missing number.
  • [+] Twitter RSS feeds improved: WSW also tries to monitor the content of embedded objects
  • [+] Send e-mails: Improved handling of WebP images
  • [+] Internal Browser: Opening a page with highlighted changes in the Text tab automatically jumps to the first change
  • [x] External Chromium Browser Tabs: Optimizations when downloading exe/zip files directly from the checked page
  • [x] Download Manager improvements to work around conflicts with Virus Scanners
  • [+] Download Manager: Clicking “Abort active downloads” will pause the Download Manager until you click the Continue button
  • [+] New option “Extract TITLE parameter from HTML tags” (Bookmark properties + Advanced + HTML). Extracts the text content from the ALT and TITLE parameters (from any HTML tag) and inserts it into the page. This makes it easy to monitor the contents of these parameters.
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved
  • [x] Improved handling of image lazy loading
  • [-] Follow-Links: Regular expressions to avoid duplicates didn’t work correctly under certain circumstances
  • [-] Phone bookmarks: Smaller fixes and improvements
  • [-] WSW Eye is no longer displayed when Thunderbird is the active application
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2019 (19.2)   –   14-Mar-2019

  • [+] The check technology “Chromium/Browser” uses the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] External Browser Tabs with Chromim as browser engine use the entered WSW proxy configuration
  • [+] Internet Explorer Macros improved: More types of links supported
  • [x] Send RSS feeds by e-mail: The “full” and “headlines” buttons are no longer displayed
  • [x] Twitter: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Chromium: Persist sessions cookies between checks (makes it easier to remember logins or confirmed cookie messages)
  • [x] Improvements to avoid conflicts with Virus Scanner for Chromium related modules
  • [x] Smaller improvements when checking PDF files with the technology “Chromium / Browser”
  • [-] Certain RSS feeds could display the status that no articles are available (the feeds were however monitored correctly)
  • [-] Minor optical fixes when using Windows with classic theme
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2019 (19.1)   –   14-Feb-2019

  • [+] External Browser Tabs
  • [+] Use Chromium as browser engine when opening web pages (via External Browser Tabs)
  • [+] AutoWatch: New option “Automatic check interval”
  • [x] Facebook: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Check technology “Chromium/Browser” improved
  • [-] The bookmark action “Export page” was broken when the bookmark was checked by screenshot
  • [x] Send e-mails in HTML format with disabled CSS definitions improved
  • [x] Internal browser: Opening page in the TEXT tab improved (certain pages could cause problems or crashes under rare circumstances)
  • [-] Filter Assistant: WSW could crash under rare circumstances when the page was opened in the TEXT tab
  • [x] Phone Mode: Smaller improvements
  • [x] Improvements when running multiple instances
  • [+] New program tweak: ConvertRssTitleLength=NNN (Length of the article titles when WebSite-Watcher converts Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages to RSS feeds. Can be a number between 30 and 200, default value is 40.)
  • [x] Chromium updated to version 72
  • [x] Dutch translation updated
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2019 (19.0)   –   17-Jan-2019

  • [+] New check technology: Chromium/Browser – This technology opens a hidden Chromium based browser window to check a bookmark. If the other check technologies fail, chances are high that the page can be checked with this new method. (Please note that this new technique requires Windows 7 64 bit or higher. It is not available on Windows XP or 32 bit systems).
  • [+] Check-by-Screenshot: Area can be selected interactively with the mouse. This makes it super easy to select the area you want to monitor.
  • [x] Check-by-Screenshot method improved
  • [+] Facebook Groups can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [x] Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: RSS conversion improved
  • [x] Huge performance improvements when monitoring and processing larger web pages. This improvement also affect smaller pages but is less noticeable.
  • [x] Performance when creating Dropbox cache files for the WebSite-Watcher App significantly improved
  • [+] New option “Prompt before stopping AutoWatch”. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in “Program configuration + Advanced + Messages”.
  • [x] Improved detection of IFRAMES when using the check technology “Internet Explorer/Browser”
  • [x] Improved handling of IFRAMES
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option to extract link URLs
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option to extract image URLs
  • [x] Bookmark properties + Convert to simple HTML version: WebSite-Watcher tries to keep tables
  • [x] Improved support for images which are loaded dynamically when opening a page
  • [x] If PDF files could not be accessed with the default checking method, chances are high that they work with the Chromium method
  • [x] Bookmarks which are checked with the screenshot method are sent correctly to the Website-Watcher App
  • [x] Internal improvements when sending e-mails
  • [–] AutoWatch: the option “Automatic time configuration” has been removed. If you have used this option, then you probably you have to re-define the check interval.
  • [–] Manual check time settings: the option “Automatic time configuration” has been removed.
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2018 (18.3)   –   16-Oct-2018

  • [+] Facebook pages can be checked via RSS feeds. This option is turned on for all new facebook pages. To monitor the real page, open the bookmark properties and turn off the option “Convert page to RSS”.
  • [+] Twitter pages can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [+] Instagram pages can be checked via RSS feeds.
  • [+] Update on Keywords – New option “Save page even if no keywords found”: This new option replaces the global program tweak “SavePageWhenNoKeywordsFound” and can now be configured per bookmark. Detailed description see help file. That option is turned off by default, if you have used the tweak “SavePageWhenNoKeywordsFound” then you have to enable that option individually as needed.
  • [+] Record Internet Explorer Macros – New option “Ignore document CSS definitions”: You can try that option if certain steps cannot be recorded properly, for example selecting a line in a drop-down-box
  • [+] Action Send e-mail: New subject line variable {changes50a} – same as {changes50} but removes the text “NEW ITEMS(n):” from RSS feeds
  • [+] Action Send e-mail: New subject line variable {changes50b} – same as {changes50} but removes the text “NEW ITEMS” from RSS feeds while keeping the number of new items
  • [x] RSS feeds: Enhanced detection of the author field
  • [+] CSS based filters work in combination with the “section” tag
  • [x] Improved handling of errors in RSS/Atom feeds
  • [x] Send e-mails: Improved error detection and reporting when e-mails cannot be sent
  • [x] “Internet Explorer/Browser”: Option to scroll pages down improved
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher App: The Phone-Mode is no longer required to get notifications on your smartphone
  • [+] WebSite-Watcher App: WebSite-Watcher reports error messages (eg. E-Mails could not be sent) to the WebSite-Watcher App
  • [+] New program tweak: BookmarkPropertiesDefaultButton=check – Sets the “Check Now” button in the bookmark properties as default button. This is the button that is used when closing the bookmark properties with the Enter key.
  • [+] The bookmark action “Export page” works in combination with the check-by-screenshot method (a png image will be exported)
  • [+] Report/Export: Export fields are correctly encoded if the target file is a JSON file
  • [+] Advanced connection rules: Table can be sorted by column
  • [-] View + Statistics: The number of checks was reset to zero when a check reported an error
  • Many smaller improvements and optimizations

Version 2018 (18.2)   –   23-May-2018

  • [-] Checking text files was broken in the 64bit version of WebSite-Watcher 18.1

Version 2018 (18.1)   –   22-May-2018

  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA parameter from HTML tags: Works generically for all data-* parameters
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting: New option “Extract image title”
  • [+] Bookmark pre-definitions: It’s possible to pre-define the “Open bookmark” configurations
  • [+] Plugins: New built-in functions for string comparison: StrCmp and StrICmp
  • [+] Keywords window: New function to find keywords
  • [+] sitemap.xml files supported, can also be used in combination with Follow-Links. (Read more at
  • [x] Advanced connection rules could cause problems on some Windows Server systems
  • [+] CSS based filters work in combination with the “article” tag
  • [x] Bookmark checks: Improved detection and handling of redirections
  • [+] Bookmark action “Export page”: Exporting to text format will include bookmark name and URL
  • [+] Export bookmarks to Excel: New fields {last_change_date} and {last_check_date}
  • [-] Root folder properties were not saved correctly under certain circumstances
  • [+] Phone bookmarks: It’s possible to edit 5 bookmark lists (requires the WSW App 2018.2)
  • [x] Plugins: Function “GetComparisonInfo” improved
  • Smaller fixes and optimizations

Version 2018 (18.0)   –   09-Jan-2018

  • [+] “Phone Mode” – Read changed bookmarks on your Smartphone with our new WebSite-Watcher app. All features that are required to read the bookmarks on your phone are also available in the Freeware Version of the app.
  • [+] PDF plugins: pdftotext.exe is now deployed with WebSite-Watcher and must no longer be installed separately. So all PDF plugins can now be used without further configurations.
  • [x] PDF plugins are now compatible with the latest version of pdftotext.exe
  • [x] Repair database rewritten, is more robust against errors now.
  • [x] Program tweak HighlightChangesExactHigh=1 improved, works more precisely now.
  • [+] Add URL from Firefox: New technique to grab URL from opened page. Works also with Firefox 57+ and 32/64bit versions.
  • [+] Bookmark properties + Troubleshooting + Extract DATA param from HTML tags: Extracts the text content from various HTML tag parameters and inserts it into the page. For example text content from ALT, TITLE or DATA-CONTENT parameters. This lets you monitor content that you typically see after moving the mouse over certain elements.
  • [x] Special filter “Sort words” improved
  • [x] Add URL from browser improved when WSW is not running.
  • [x] Internet Explorer Macros improved, supports more type of logins
  • [x] CSS filters improved
  • [x] WSW checks if a database is read-only to avoid database problems
  • [x] Improved detection if another tool blocks the WebSite-Watcher bookmark database
  • [x] Advanced connection rules: Max time between connection rules increased to 600 seconds
  • [x] Improved: decoding certain characters
  • [x] Improved conversion of Excel files
  • [x] Improved RSS feed filtering
  • [x] Improved handling of dual monitor setups
  • [-] Advanced connection rules could consume high CPU under certain circumstances
  • Smaller fixes and improvements