Local Website Archive


Version 2022 (22.1)   –   11-Jul-2022

  • Bugfix and maintenance release

Version 2022 (22.0)   –   27-Jan-2022

  • [+] Windows 11 officially supported
  • [x] Restoring backups improved
  • [x] Improved handling of certificate errors
  • [+] Browser integration: Add pages from browser Brave
  • [x] Integrated AD-Blocker improved
  • [x] Improved handling of responsive images
  • [x] Various optimizations for Windows 11
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Legend: [+] added, [x] changed/improved, [-] bugfix

Version 2021 (21.1)   –   26-May-2021

  • [+] System-wide hotkey to archive documents (can be entered in the program configuration, eg. Ctrl+Alt+Shift+L)
  • [+] Archive screenshot of the selected browser
  • [+] Archive as screenshot from the pre-loaded page
  • [+] Archive the screen as screenshot (either by selecting “” from the Application box, or by using Ctrl+Alt+Click on the Continue button). This allows you to archive any kind of information from your screen.
  • [+] Archive as SimpleHTML
  • [x] Improved handling of downloaded images (images could not be displayed on certain pages)
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2021 (21.0)   –   17-Feb-2021

  • [-] LWA did not remember the browser width if the browser was displayed on the right side
  • Chromium updated to v88
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2020 (20.5)   –   20-Oct-2020

  • [+] Local Website Archive uses the Chromium browser engine to add and display bookmarks. Internet Explorer is no longer used to add or display web pages inside Local Website Archive.
  • [+] Performance improvements when adding a web page
  • [+] “Add from App” window remembers window size
  • [+] New option to archive a page in PDF format (useful when a page cannot be saved correctly with the default method)
  • [+] PDF documents can be displayed inside Local Website Archive without a third party tool (such as Acrobat Reader)
  • [+] Ad-Blocker to block advertisements from certain domains
  • [+] Backup/Restore: Local Website Archive automatically tests the backup files to ensure that the created zip files are not corrupted
  • [+] Backup/Restore feature improved
  • [x] Removed: Feature “Queue” removed
  • [x] Removed: Feature to add docs from other apps via shortcuts removed
  • [x] Setup for Pro end Free Edition splitted into separate setup files
  • Many user interface changes
  • Many smaller improvements

Version 2020 (20.1)   –   01-Apr-2020

  • [x] Add URLs from latest version of Microsoft Edge

Version 2020 (20.0)   –   05-Feb-2020

  • [+] Add URLs from the new version of Microsoft Edge
  • Smaller improvements

Version 2019 (19.0)   –   12-Apr-2019

  • [+] Local WebSite Archive can grab URLs from all main browsers without installing an extra browser extension (if you have used the browser extension previously, you can remove it from your Internet Browser)
  • [+] Add URLs from Opera browser works correctly
  • [+] Add URLs from Microsoft Edge supported
  • [x] Backup files larger than 4 GB supported
  • [x] WSW integration improved
  • [-] Rename folders: Changing characters between upper/lowercase didn’t work correctly
  • [-] Minor optical fixes when using Windows with classic theme
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2018 (18.0)   –   09-Jan-2018

  • [+] Browser Extension for Chrome
  • [+] Browser Extension for Firefox (compatible with FF 57+)
  • [+] Browser Extension for Vivaldi
  • [x] Improved handling of dual monitor setups
  • Smaller improvements

Version 2017 (17.0)   –   17-Feb-2017

  • [x] Improvements when archiving pages (some pages were not displayed correctly)
  • [+] Local Website Archive works correctly with High DPI displays
  • [x] Internal browser: Max zoom level is now 500 (instead of 200)
  • [+] Internal browser / Statusbar: Possibility to set the default zoom level
  • [x] Improved compatibility with Win10/IE11
  • [x] Improved compatibility with WebSite-Watcher 2017 when adding documents with multpiple WSW instances
  • Smaller improvements/fixes

Version 2016 (16.0)   –   01-Jun-2016

  • [+] Add URL from Chrome: It’s now possible to grab the URL from the currently opened Chrome browser tab (by installing a Chrome extension)
  • [x] LWA could hang when archiving certain pages
  • [x] Edit document: Remove CSS definitions no longer removes images
  • [x] Several smaller improvements when archiving pages
  • [-] Taskbar Icon could cause minor problems on Windows 10

Version 2015 (15.1)   –   23-Oct-2015

  • [+] Archiving pages: If LWA cannot get the source (for example caused by a bug in IE) of a page, then LWA tries alternative methods to archive as much info as possible.

Version 2015 (15.0)   –   30-Jul-2015

  • Several optimizations for Windows 10
  • Improved support for IE10 and IE11
  • Smaller improvements/fixes

Version 2014 (14.0)   –   29-Jul-2014

  • [+] New option to place the browser position (bottom or right)
  • [+] New option to optionally disable toolbar tooltips
  • [+] Local Website Archive inserts a text note to the archived page when a video was available in the original page that could not be archived
  • [+] Copy URL to clipboard: Copy URLs of all selected bookmarks to the clipboard (instead of just the URL of focussed bookmark)
  • [-] Edit documents: Highlight text was broken with recent Internet Explorer version. Highlighting text should now work again with the most recent IE versions.
  • [x] Improved handling of imported CSS files (CSS files were not detected and handled correctly under certain circumstances)
  • [-] Local Website Archive could crash when creating backup files
  • [-] Ctrl+Click didn’t work correctly for selecting/deselecting multiple bookmarks
  • [-] Tooltips in the note column didn’t work correctly
  • [-] Notes with line breaks were not displayed correctly in the browser window
  • Smaller bugfixes and improvements

Version 2012 (12.2)   –   04-Jul-2012

  • [x] Improved technique to save images to disk (some images via CSS background tags were not saved)
  • [-] Local Website Archive could falsely report missing files for new documents under certain circumstances
  • [-] Sort-by-date didn’t work as expected in version 12.1
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 2012 (12.1)   –   30-May-2012

  • [+] Browser integration for the latest verison of Google Chrome (19.x)
  • [x] Changing folders: performance improved
  • [x] Sort document by name: documents with the same name are now sorted by date
  • [-] Configured default zoom value was not applied correctly after starting Local Website Archive
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2012 (12.0)   –   30-Jan-2012

  • [+] Add new documents: Tasks can be queued to archive pages in background – PRO edition
  • [+] Note field can be displayed and edited within the main window – PRO edition
  • [+] Option to automatically show the note field in the main window (if a note is available) – PRO edition
  • [+] New column “Rating” to rate a document with up to 5 stars – PRO edition
  • [+] Automatically add/list archived documents from WebSite-Watcher (via bookmark action) while Local Website Archive is running (in previous versions this was only done when LWA was started)
  • [+] Automatically add/list archived PDF files from the Import folder while Local Website Archive is running (in previous versions this was only done when LWA was started) – PRO edition
  • [+] Special folders (Search results, Error reports, etc) are removed automatically if they no longer contain documents
  • [+] Main window: The URL field is displayed in yellow if an online page is opened in the internal browser
  • [+] Scrolling with the mouse wheel works when the cursor is over the control (folder tree, bookmark list, web browser), it’s no longer required to click the control before
  • [+] Internal browser: Local Website Archive uses now IE9 (or IE8) instead of the compatibility mode (IE7). This should also fix the malformed display of various web pages.
  • [+] New option: Mark selected line (shows a marker on the left side)
  • [+] Documents can be deleted with the Del key (Ctrl+D still works to delete keys)
  • [+] Internal browser: Edit / Remove all CSS definitions – PRO edition
  • [+] Internal browser: Page/Text tab (similar to WebSite-Watcher)
  • [x] PowerSearch: Search in PDF files improved
  • [x] PowerSearch: Indication of found words improved, especially when searching for exact phrases
  • [x] Improved: Remove embedded elements (eg. flash animations) – PRO edition
  • [x] Max. value to list new documents in folder “New documents” was increased from 9 to 999 – PRO edition
  • [x] Improved: Highlight text in web pages (the layout could be destroyed for certain pages) – PRO edition
  • [x] Improved: Edit page (the layout could be destroyed for certain pages) – PRO edition
  • [-] PowerSearch: Searching certain PDF files could freeze Local Website Archive
  • [-] Some features didn’t work correctly when a folder name contained umlauts
  • [-] Edit documents: Certain text could not be highlighted in archived documents – PRO edition
  • Many smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2011 (11.0)   –   28-Mar-2011

  • [+] Browser integration: Firefox 4 supported
  • [+] Add-To-Archive dialog finds URLs from Google Chrome
  • [x] Internet Explorer browser integration improved (certain pages could not be added via the context menu due to an IE problem)
  • [-] Improved handling of Flash animations
  • Smaller improvements and fixes

Version 2010 (10.1)   –   26-Jul-2010

  • [+] The “Add to archive” window remembers the last position on multi monitor systems (if it is called from a browser without LWA running)
  • [+] The “PowerSearch” window remembers the last position
  • [+] The “WebSite-Watcher archive” window (that is called from WebSite-Watcher) remembers the last position
  • [+] The “WebSite-Watcher archive” window has a “Page/Text” tab (similar to WebSite-Watcher)
  • [+] Options / Internal Browser: Default zoom value
  • [+] Browser-Integration: Opera 10.60 supported
  • [x] Application template for Mozilla Thunderbird updated
  • [-] Send e-mail didn’t work for documents that were saved in folders with Umlauts
  • [x] Setup: It’s no longer possible to install the portable edition over the desktop edition or vice versa
  • Smaller fixes and improvements

Version 2010 (10.0)   –   06-Apr-2010

  • [+] Import from folder now also supports HTML and TXT files. Simply save a document (eg. from Outlook) to a pre-defined folder, then it will automatically be imported when Local Website Archive is launched. (In previous versions this feature worked with PDF files only. This feature is available in the PRO edition only.)
  • [+] Archive + Check Integrity/Repair (this function checks an archive for missing files and errors and repairs as much as possible)
  • [+] Toolbars can be customized via context menu (Main window and PowerSearch)
  • [+] Options + Reset all toolbars
  • [+] Help + Check for new version (with option to automatically install new versions) (PRO edition only)
  • [+] Document list context menu + Copy URL to clipboard
  • [x] Add from Clipboard: Pasting formatted content from Internet Explorer and Firefox improved
  • [+] Add from Clipboard: Font selection
  • [x] Edit document: improved font selection
  • [x] Search in PDF documents improved
  • [+] Export: Optionally add URL and Note fields to the exported index.htm file
  • [+] Export: Right click a folder to select/unselect all subfolders
  • [+] Open archived pages from WebSite-Watcher: Goto first/next change (toolbar button)
  • [x] Send-Key method improved
  • [x] Deleting unused files improved
  • Romanian user interface added
  • Many smaller improvements