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Protocols / File TypesFree PersonalBusiness
HTTP Protocolyes yesyes
HTTPS Protocolyes yesyes
RSS feedsyes yesyes
Facebook / Twitter / Instagramyes yesyes
PDF / Word / Excelyes yesyes
Local filesyes yesyes
FTP Protocolyes yesyes
NNTP Protocol (Newsgroups)yes yesyes
Basic FeaturesFree PersonalBusiness
Check-Macros / password protected pagesyes yesyes
Filter Assistant / Filter Systemyes yesyes
Highlight changesyes yesyes
Highlight keywordsyes yesyes
Update on keywordsyes yesyes
Bookmark actions (eg. Send e-mail)yes yesyes
Import / Export yesyes
Report yesyes
Advanced FeaturesFree PersonalBusiness
AutoWatchlimited 3) yesyes
Follow Links yesyes
CloudSync yesyes
Portable installation yesyes
Run multiple instances yesyes
Virtual Folders yesyes
Create Plugins yesyes
Scripting Language yesyes
Password protected bookmark files yes
Check technology “Chromium/Browser”
(64bit only, requires Windows 7 or higher)
 yes 4)yes 4)
Bookmarks / DatabasesFree PersonalBusiness
Number of bookmarks10 unlimited 2)unlimited 2)
Number of databases1 unlimitedunlimited
License / PricingFree PersonalBusiness
Licenseno restrictions personal
use only
no restrictions
Support per e-mail yesyes
Price per userfree € 49,00299,00 1)

1) discounts for multi-user-licenses and site-licenses are available.

2) “unlimited” means that the number of bookmarks is dependent from your system resources.

3) Shortest check interval in the Free Edition is 1 hour, optional time settings are not available. The shortest check interval in the Personal Edition and Business Edition is 1 second.

4) The check technology “Chromium / Browser” is only available in the 64bit version of WebSite-Watcher and requires Windows 7 or higher. This feature is not supported in the 32bit version of WebSite-Watcher.